Vocational Management of Hospital

Vocational Program

Vocational program is an education programs in higher education that aims to prepare personnel who can build the expertise and skills in the field, ready to work and able to compete globally.

In general, vocational education (diploma program) aims to prepare students to become members of society who have the ability to apply professional skills, develop and disseminate technologies and / or the arts and looking for its use to improve people’s lives and enrich the national culture.

In particular,  diploma program geared to producing graduates who have mastered the ability in certain fields of work that can be directly absorbed as workers in industry / private sector, government agencies or independent self-employed, this is because the burden of teaching in vocational education programs have been developed more priority on load program skills compared with theory course load.

Starting in 2008 to administer vocational education programs will be centralized at the University of Indonesia. This is done to make efficiencies given the number of educational paths exist in the UI and to realize the vision of the University of Indonesia became a world-class research university in the face of global challenges.

University of Indonesia continues to run the Diploma Programme is based on the objective to contribute to the intellectual life of the nation, by giving the higher education path alongside professional higher education at undergraduate and postgraduate pathways. Statistically, Diploma Program at the University of Indonesia that is needed by society, it is seen from the high interest of the programs offered and the demand for graduates.

  • vision
to be the center of excellence in vocational education in ASEAN
  • Mission
  1. Providing vocational education with an emphasis on skills (skilled) and practices in tune with the needs of the world of work and industry experts to produce international standards of professional middle;
  2. Developing vocational area in an effort to improve the standard of living and quality of the people of Indonesia;
  3. Developing cooperation among institutions / agencies at home and abroad for the purpose of education, work practices and curriculum adaptation.

management of hospital

  • purpose

Produce mid-level professional experts who have practical skills that can perform the job duties properly in the field of inpatient

  • competence

Graduates have the ability and skills of medical secretaries, such as the management of outpatient services, hospitalization, ICU / ICCU, laboratory, emergency, medical check-ups, medical records, accounting, finance, marketing, personnel management, public relations and quality of hospitals.

  • carrier

job’s field :

Can work in hospitals and clinics within the scope of the functions of finance, accounting, medical records, personnel, marketing, medical secretaries, the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance, medical equipment and others.

  • potential levels of education

graduates of the program can continue their levels of education in Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Economics, faculty of social and political science, and Faculty of Psychology.

source : http://vokasi.ui.ac.id/perumahsakitan.html


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